October 17th, 2012 by Tom Smith

A typical dinner served at your room in Koyasan

The enchanting little train from Osaka to Mt. Koya

A special  journey to Japan.  A customized trip to Japan taking advantage of the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of this island nation. An idea for a great 2 or 3 day side trip from the hustle of Kyoto or Osaka would be a visit to Mt. Koya and the village of Koyasan. Explore Mt. Koya,  Japan’s best-known Buddhist Mountain Retreat and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its eight-forested peaks reach eight hundred meters into the clouds, surrounding the high plateau with a sense of serenity. Boasting over one hundred temple complexes, Koyasan offers a wonderful respite in the mountains of Wakayama.  Relax in a fabulous shukubo or temple lodging which is one of the best ways to experience Buddhist life in Japan, rising with the birds for morning prayers with the monks. An absolutely gorgeous and spiritual setting.  With the help of the experts at JapanQuest Journeys we can put together a customized and wonderful journey to any part of Japan you want to visit.  Tom has been traveling to Japan for almost 40 years and knows the country intimately.  Give us a call or email at Tom Smith Travel for help with your journey to Japan!  We can help you with accommodations, Japan Rail Pass and special tours to the enchanting places of Japan.  There are many places that are perfect for 2 to 4 days to retreat from the cities in Japan.

A typical room during the day. At night the futons appear for a restful sleep.

Tom is a Japan Specialist with the Japan National Tourist Office.  He has the connections to make a wonderful journey happen for you in Japan.  Either independently or small group tours or a cruise!  Let Tom be your guide in Japan!   He has been traveling to Japan since 1973!

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